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Below is a list of the Registration types that you can request online. Please select the required Registration type and click the Next button to continue.
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Australia Day Awards
Fire and Emergency Services Levy Infor TrainingForm to collect lunch expenses and RSVP for FESL training by Infor at the Salvation Army.
Reconciliation ConferenceThursday 28th June - Friday 29th June 2018
Reconciliation Conference T-Shirts 
Aunty Wendy's Mobile WorkshopFirst Workshop held on the 12th of February 2018, second workshop help on the 6th of March 2019
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On-Site Wastewater Management 
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Library Theatrette Booking 
 Registration TypesInstructions
Food Business 
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Swimming Pool Act - Compliance Certificate 
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International Food Stalls 
Workshops and Activities 
Makers Market 
Community Stage 
Professional Performers (including DJ's) 
Outdoor Theatre, Happenings & Eccentricities 
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'Red Top' Resize Residual Waste Bin